How People Are Finding Their Dream Homes On Houzz

With over 10 million montly unique visitors, Houzz has become a hub for home builders, interior designers, and pretty much anyone interested in looking for a fancier approach to pinterest for the home. The best part about Houzz is how easily accessible information is. You could almost call it the Google of homes as it has anything from contractors to designers listed for people to conveniently find and Normandy Homes has its own page, where you can browse model homes inside and out. 

The home page has a series of articles or blogs meant to draw those looking for inspiration, while a search bar at the top lets you look for photos, products, professionals and more. Download the app on an iPad and you will get to see large, beautiful photos in an easy and visually dominant way, which is one of the best features of the app and the website as a whole. Taking a similar approach to Pinterest, you can also create ideabooks and gather advice about any projects you are working on or give others advice as it is also a social website.

Think about the resources Houzz is giving you and anyone else looking for their dream home! Builders can be reviewed and Houzz even awards badges for “best design” or “best services” making it convenient for you to see who is reputable in the market. All of the information is right there in front of you including social icons, phone numbers, website, and addresses, all listed under one place for you to continue your research or begin the home building journey.

Visit the Normandy Homes Houzz page and learn more about what makes Normandy Homes an award-winning home builder in DFW by clicking over to the website. You can also give us a call at 972-905-9001