Normandy Homes Maximizes Savings With Energy Efficient Homes

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In today’s world, it is essential to build homes that fit our lifestyles and that help us to be smarter about the way we use energy, which is why Normandy Homes has partnered with SYSTEMHAUSE to create energy efficient homes through an “Energy Savvy Program.” With this program, we have created a unique combination of high performance products and methods of construction in order to maximize savings and ensure long-term efficiency. The program varies, based on the design and location of each home, making it customizable for every new home. Some key features include comprehensive performance analysis so that you are able to track and control your energy usage as well as the latest construction methods to ensure the most modern technology and quality in each home.  


Some key features of our “Energy-Savvy Program” include:

  • Floor plan and home site evaluation
  • Specialized training for all vendors and subcontractors
  • Independent review by SYSTEMHAUSE during each stage of the construction process
  • Blower door and duck leakage testing


Elements in our energy efficient homes:

  • Ecobee programmable thermostats
  • Energy efficient windows
  • Radiant barrier
  • High energy efficient and sealed HVAC System
  • Properly ventilated attics
  • R 38 stabilized blown insulation
  • Seals and flashing to ensure a tight building envelope


Find out more about Normandy Homes and our commitment to making energy-efficient homes by visiting our website, or call us at 972-905-5001 to schedule a tour of one of our new homes in the Dallas area!