10 Signs You Are Ready To Build A New Home


Building a brand new home is difficult in some areas, but one of the great things about the Dallas-Fort Worth area is the easy access to communities near and far from downtown that are made for those who want to build their own home. There is plenty of land and development everywhere in the metroplex and homebuilders, such as Normandy Homes, have prepared floor plans and convenient communities to choose from. However, are you ready to build a new home? Here are 10 signs that say you are:

  1. You have a good amount saved for a down payment.
  2. The future looks promising at your current place of employment.
  3. Money is coming in steadily into your bank account.
  4. Debts are under control.
  5. Your credit is in good standing.
  6. Along with your down payment, you have an emergency savings fund or a life insurance policy.
  7. Your family runs on a budget that is flexible and easy to follow.
  8. You have done your research and feel confident about making a long-term commitment to the area you wish to build in.
  9. You are aware of tax laws, warranties, and any other legal aspects of building and owning a home.
  10. You are ready to assume the responsibilities of being your own landlord.

Normandy Homes is a luxury homebuilder that places the most value on the quality and design of each new home. See where Normandy Homes communities are located by visiting our websiteand you can also schedule a tour of our model homes by calling 972-905-5001