Tips To Make Your Home Trick Or Treat Friendly This Halloween

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Normandy Homes wishes you and your family a wonderful Halloween this year! Because one of the best parts about this festive holiday in your new home is being able to give out treats to trick-or-treaters make sure your home is ready for the fun to begin!

Decorate With Kids In Mind

It sure is fun to put a little scare into Halloween, but if your neighborhood attracts some of the smaller trick-or-treaters make sure your decorations are as much fun as they are kid-friendly. Add an extra spooky factor by setting up a smoke machine in your foyer so that as you open the door smoke comes rolling out on trick-or-treaters.

Light Everything Up

Cherish the opportunity to show off your new home by lighting the yard, the front porch and the inside of your home so that those little candy hunters feel welcome and safe.

Contain Your Pets

Unless they are friendly little critters, big or energetic dogs can take away from the fun of handing out treats, so make sure they are contained in a place that is safe for the kids.

Keep Things Clean And Clear

Not only will it help your home look its best, but keeping walkways and driveways clean will keep anyone from tripping and falling over garden hoses, toys, or bikes.

Turn Off Sprinklers

No one likes to trick-or-treat in a wet costume so make sure your sprinklers don’t turn on at the wrong time!

Participate In The Teal Pumpkin Project

If you have young ones with peanut or other food allergies you know how hard it can be to engage in the Halloween fun. Two moms from Ohio have started this project where a pumpkin painted in teal set on the front porch will let parents know that other alternatives are available for the kids to pick.

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