How Many of These 2015 Home Design Trends Have You Tried?

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Ever heard of the phrase, “out with the old, in with the new?” This couldn’t be more applicable to new home interior design trends. It seems that as quickly as something becomes a trend, it disappears into home décor oblivion. The following are the latest and greatest trends of 2015. Take these into consideration as you begin thinking about your new Normandy home and how to decorate it.

1. Gold fixtures

Retro continues to make a comeback with this design. Look for bright gold with a sleek finish to ensure extra shine. In the past, the only options most homeowners were given was silver or stainless steel. Now, you can mix and match or make a bold statement by going strictly gold.

2. Cowhide

Design experts are predicting cowhide will manifest in pillows, rugs, throw blankets, and artwork this year. Many homeowners love this look because it gives a room a modern look while still exuding an approachable feel.


 Photo credit: The Corcoran Group

3. Wallpaper

Thought you were done with paper decades ago? Think again! It’s making a huge comeback this year. Get ready to choose from digital prints to textured walls to give your room that extra flair you’ve been looking for.


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4. Mid-century

Mid-century elements are climbing their way up to modern times with beautiful furniture pieces and other décor items. Be warned, however, because adding too many of these elements can make your home look a little too overdone.


 Photo credit: Lukas Machnik


So, how many of these 2015 trends will you incorporate into your new Normandy home? For more design trends, click here