New Year, New Smart Home Trends Coming In 2015

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The New Year is upon us and Normandy Homes is excited for some great new home technologies coming in 2015. The yearly CES conference in Las Vegas has shown some interesting new gadgets and upgrades for the smart home this year. Some of the trends continue to strive towards a green living focus while others are embracing the evolution in smart personal devices and integrating them into the home.

Connected Home Trend On The Rise

From voice activated ovens to washers and dryers that can be controlled from your thermostat, home connectivity is at center stage for this year’s smart home trends. It’s all about having different devices interact with each other in a way that makes it easier for you to control energy and safety while you are in your home or while you are out.

Good-Bye Home Hub, Hello Smart Phone Control

Along the same note of home connectivity, 2015 new home technologies will embrace the smart phone as a source to control anything from locking your home, security systems, appliance activity and more. Smart phones and tablets are looking to replace the home hub and give you more mobility and access to how you control your home.

The Home Intercom To Be Reinvented

A company called Nucleus is looking to bring something new to the abandoned home intercom game. Nucleus is looking to do more than enable two people to communicate with the suspected “tablet” look alike. The device will be designed to function as a voice-activated control panel for the connected home and video streaming will only be the cherry on top.

Wi-Fi To Make Your Home Run Smoother

Why would your refrigerator need to access the Internet? This was the question many had in previous years when this capability was introduced to the market, but in 2015 online connection will allow your devices to communicate with each other. They will share information about your activity and daily habits in order to make your home run smoother than ever. However, other tech gadgets such as a home beer-brewing device will use the Internet to give you access to its process through a web browser.

Normandy Homes is embracing new technologies by integrating devices such as the Ecobee thermostats into your new home. Find out more about Normandy Homes’ energy efficient home designs here or feel free to give us a call at 972-905-5001.