The Suburbs Or An Urban Community? What’s Right For You?

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If you are considering buying a new home, it’s a smart idea to start thinking about the differences between living in the suburbs and living in an urban community. As one of the finest premiere home builders in North Texas, Normandy Homes is dedicated to helping you find a home and a community that best fits your life! Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when buying your new home.

Population Density

Urban communities have a significantly larger number of people than the suburbs. While an urban community typically has more opportunities to buy a condo or a townhome, living in the suburbs offers quieter lifestyle with single-family homes being a more common purchase.


One of the most popular appeals of living in an urban community is the proximity to work. These communities tend to be located near larger corporations, which means a shorter commute. Just a quick bus ride, bike ride or even walk and you’re at work! Living in the suburbs can mean a longer commute, which some people are okay with. It all depends on your preference.


When living in an urban community, everything tends to be a little pricier than if you were to live in the suburbs. You may find yourself spending more money on gas, restaurants and groceries. Overall, it’s generally a higher cost of living. However, the variety of markets, boutiques and cultural opportunities are extremely appealing to some people. While there may be more variety in an urban community, living in the suburbs, residents are offered better access to larger chain stores. When it comes down to choosing where to live, you need to determine which of these amenities are most important to you and your family.

There are some communities, like Normandy Homes’ communities, that can offer the best of what both the suburbs and an urban community has to offer. It’s important to know what the best fit for your lifestyle is, and research your options! For more information on the different Normandy Homes’ communities, visit our website today!