How To Throw A Fourth of July BBQ In Your New Carrollton Home










You’ve spent countless hours packing, moving and then unpacking. And now, you are finally settled into your new Carrollton home. What better way to get to know your new neighbors than by throwing your own Fourth of July BBQ next week? Normandy Homes would like to welcome you to the community by giving you a few tips on throwing an amazing BBQ to leave a lasting first impression. 

Make sure you plan ahead

Nobody likes throwing together a party last minute. Planning ahead will help your first BBQ go smoothly. Start by deciding what food you are going to have and what drinks will be severed for both kids and adults. With Fourth of July barbeques typically being a whole-day celebration, think about activities your guests can participate in, music you want to play or any other details to entertain your new neighbors while the food is being prepared.

Fourth of July decorations are a must

Decorations are a great way to set the vibe for any party, and no Fourth of July BBQ is complete without patriotic decorations. Impress your neighbors this year by decorating your new Carrollton home with all things red, white and blue. From cups, plates and silverware to banners and streamers - and don’t forget the American flag! Everyone will be talking about your barbeque for weeks.

Remember to relax and have fun

The Fourth of July is a day meant for celebration with friends and family. Try not to get caught up in making sure your barbeque is perfect and just enjoy the moment. With great food, good music and friendly neighbors, your barbeque is sure to be a blast. Plus, this could be the start of a few amazing friendships!


We hope your Fourth of July BBQ is a success in your new home this year! Carrollton is the perfect location for families wanting to live in a friendly community, and Normandy Homes has a new Carrollton community called Mustang Park. Visit the Mustang Park community page to learn more today!