3 Easy Ways To Make Your New Home Safer










Have you recently moved into a new home? Normandy Homes wants to make sure you know a few of these easy, effective ways to ensure that your new home is a safe place for you and your family!

1. Brighten The Surroundings of Your New Home

Lighting up your surroundings both indoors and outdoors is a cost-effective way to keep you and your loved ones safe. Light timers are perfect to use for your front yard or on your front porch. That way, if something is moving, you will be able to know. So your new home doesn’t appear completely dark from the outside, there are many low lights that are available for you to put inside the home as well. Purchase some energy-efficient light bulbs and brighten up your surroundings today!

2. Keep Your Front Yard Clean  

Be sure to always take in any flyers or menus that are left on the front porch so it doesn’t look like you are away on vacation. If you do happen to be on vacation, kindly ask your neighbor to bring them in for you while you are gone. This also applies for your mail, or you can always ask the post office to hold your mail until you get back. Keeping your landscape neatly trimmed also eliminates any potential intruders to lurk inside your new home.

3. Install A Surveillance System

Having a surveillance system does not always have to be an expensive thing. There are many people that have put out a few dummy surveillance cameras around a new home. However, if you are willing to spend a small amount of money, Canary has created a motion-sensor home security system that allows you to monitor your home from your smartphone.


We hope that these effective safety tips will help protect your new home and keep your family safe! For more information about Normandy Homes take a look at our website or call (972) 905-5001.