10 Outdoor Activities For Kids To Keep Your Family Active










It is important for parents to set a healthy example for kids while they’re still young. Normandy Homes has many communities that make staying healthy and active become more of a lifestyle and less of a chore. Here are a few outdoor activities for kids to help get your family started!

Activities To Do Together

  1. Fitness and community centers always have a ton of activities going on. Ask your local fitness or community centers about their outdoor activities for kids and the whole family to do together. If you’re child is too young for this, try to incorporate your baby in your daily workout routine.
  2. Take the time to schedule some family playtime. Everyday after dinner, play a family game of tag. This could be a fun new tradition that not only gets the whole family involved but also gets the whole family up and moving!
  3. Picnic lunches at the park are perfect for the weekends, especially when you live in a great community! Bring lots of healthy snacks and start a friendly game of soccer with some of your neighbors.
  4. With the weather beginning to warm up, enjoy the fresh air and take the dog for a walk around the neighborhood.

Outdoor Activities For Kids

  1. Normandy Homes has many communities with local community centers with tons of outdoor activities for kids. Sign your kids up for swim lessons this summer. It’s a good way to keep them active during the day or after school!
  2. Have your kids join a sports league this spring! Getting your kids involved in sports not only encourages them to stay fit and healthy but also gives them to chance to interact with other kids.
  3. Round up the neighborhood kids for a series of bike races. Kids love a little healthy competition!

Making Chores Fun

  1. We all know getting children to do chores is tough to accomplish but by turning them into a game, it can become fun outdoor activities for kids! Need your lawn to be raked? Set up a timer and race to see who can rake the leaves the quickest.
  2. Washing the car is perfect for those hot summer days. Not only are you having fun and keeping your kids active but you also get a nice clean car out of it!
  3. Everyone loves having a beautiful garden. With all the free time on the weekends and over the summer, maintaining plants gives kids a reason to be outside daily. 


All Normandy Homes communities offer plenty amenities that lend to many outdoor activities for kids! Learn more about the different communities on the Normandy Homes website.