3 Reasons Why Families Are Relocating To DFW










Between booming businesses, safe urban and suburban communities and a variety of attractions, the Dallas-Fort Worth area has everything and more to make your move worthwhile. Friendly and diverse, relocating to DFW can offer something for every family. This is why we have put together the 3 main reasons more families are relocating to this thriving area.

 1. DFW Job Growth

North Texas has seen an incredible surge in jobs year after year. This growth is expected to continue, especially with big companies, such as Toyota relocating to the area, which will be home to 4,000 employees by 2017. It is important for families to know that when moving to the DFW area, they will be relocating into a strong economy with jobs in nearly every industry. This includes American Airlines, Frito-Lay, Dr Pepper, JC Penny and more!

 2. Affordable Living in DFW

Affordable living is on the top of every families list when looking to relocate to a new area. When relocating to DFW, that is exactly what you get – affordable living – specifically for young families. Being an economically thriving state as a whole, the DFW area especially offers residents plenty of city options when it comes to low cost living such as, Allen, Flower Mound, Carrollton and more!

 3. Family-Friendly Cities

Between it’s good-value housing, high quality school districts, and an abundant choices for day and weekend activities, more people, particularly families, are relocating to DFW. The Dallas-Fort Worth area has consistently maintained a reputation for friendliness and many communities are built around a family-friendly environment. Not to mention, according to MarketWatch, DFW is the “happiest” city among the United States top 10 markets.

It comes as no surprise that more families want to move to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. If you are looking into relocating to DFW, Normandy Homes has many communities throughout the area that are perfect for all families. For more information on Normandy Homes, visit our homepage today