The 3 Apps Every New Homebuyer Needs


These days, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t use a Smartphone. If you are in the process of looking for a new home, your Smartphone will be your new best friend. Put your phone to good use and download these three apps that will help any new homebuyer navigate their way through the entire process and determine which home is the best fit.

 1. The Essential Real Estate Dictionary

There is a wide variety of real estate terms and phrases. As a new homebuyer, it’s easy to get lost in translation. The Essential Real Estate Dictionary app allows you to familiarize yourself with the most commonly used language in the real estate world. It will help the process of looking for a home go a lot smoother. By the time you buy your new home, you will be fluent in real estate jargon.

 2. Walk Score

Choosing a new community and neighborhood is just as important as buying the home itself. The Walk Score app is especially great for new homebuyers because it allows you to view all the great nearby places and figure out how long your new commute would be. It also shows you important information about the area such as crime and safety reports, what other residents are saying about the community, and additional photo galleries.

 3. Houzz

Houzz is best used by new homebuyers. Everyone has envisioned what his or her dream home might look like. Now, that day is finally here! At some point, you will come across that one empty room or corner and think, “I have no idea what would go in here”. That is what Houzz is for. The Houzz app provides homebuyers with a variety of home design ideas to help spark the inspiration you need.


Finding your perfect home can be an overwhelming and stressful experience, especially for a new homebuyer. By downloading these three apps it doesn’t have to be! Normandy Homes has a great Houzz profile and who knows, you might get inspired to buy one of our very own homes. For more information on Normandy Homes, visit our website today!