5 Interior Design Trends to Get Your New Home Ready For Fall

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Fall is a wonderful time of year. The leaves change and begin to flood the ground of Allen, Texas with marvelous colors. Let those bright and vibrant colors inspire you to do something amazing in your home as well. Fall is the perfect time to try something new, something creative, and something that will help your new home truly pop! Here are five interior design trends for the fall that we’ve notice are really growing.

1.  Luxuriously Colorful Modernism

       The colors of fall are always mesmerizing, but why should fall get all the attention? Modernism is on the rise again, and it’s bringing bold colors with it. And with our spacious homes in Cypress Meadows, you’ll have room for all of your favorite pieces.

2.  Geometric Patterns with Organic Materials

       So you like the modern look, but you don’t want your entire house like that? Well you can try mixing chairs and wall art that have geometric patterns with accent plants and flowers. We suggest faux plants and flowers rather than their live counterpart because they’re lower maintenance and will always keeps their original look. This idea can really help your new home in Allen, Texas feel like a warm and cozy environment, even on the coldest fall days.

3.  Graphic Prints

       Add a little spice to your new Cottonwood Crossing home with a few amazing graphic prints. You can find a wide variety of pillows and other accent pieces with graphic patterns that make any room pop.

4.  Mixed Materials

       Another one of the interior design trends that we’ve spotted is mixing materials used in a room or piece of furniture. Mixing metal and wood seems to be the most popular because they provide a wonderful contrast. They unite coldness of the metal and the warmth of the raw wood. If you want to experience the full grandeur of this combination, we suggest doing it in your kitchen. It will allow for your new open kitchen in The Village at Twin Creeks to truly be expressed and felt by everyone. 

5.  Electric Hues

       Just like with the graphic prints, if you’re not looking for a huge change, but are still wanting to change it up a bit, then you may like the simple idea of adding back coloring to your shelves and cabinetry. You don’t need to buy furniture to get this look either. You can do it yourself! If you have a set of shelves or bookcase and you want to give it a little flare, then you can paint the interior sides with a bright, bold color. Once it’s finished, your shelves will have that flare that you want for your new home.