Problem-Solving to Social Skills: The Importance of Playgrounds

Over the years, the city of Allen, TX has seen its population boom. In fact, the city was recently ranked as one of the Top 10 Dallas Suburbs by D Magazine. Offering local residents everything from pristine neighborhoods to community centers to family-friendly amenities, it’s no wonder why so many choose to call it home. Adding to its appeal, Allen, TX has shown an unwavering commitment toward up keeping the city’s local parks and play areas. And that’s good news for families with children.

Studies have shown that playing outside in a fun, safe environment is a vital to a child’s development. One of the benefits is the chance for them to build both social and problem-solving skills. As children are faced with new challenges, they learn about the benefits of reasoning and proper problem-solving skills. And being around other children can help. When children are with others their own age, they learn how to better communicate, share and collaborate with one another.

It’s also no secret how creative children can be during play time. (Don’t step on the cracks – it’s lava!) The city of Allen, TX provides wide-open parks and play areas that allow children to explore their imagination. After all, that’s how games are played! The city’s areas are routinely maintained and monitored by local law enforcement to make sure the parks are all clean and that everyone stays safe.

And Allen, TX isn’t just sticking with what it already has. One of the newest city developments, The Hillside Park Play Area, is nearing completion. It will feature a series of new playgrounds for children ages 2-5 and 5-12 years. There’s also a proposed development to rebuild Orchards Park, adding new playgrounds, shaded play areas and scenic walking paths.

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