Tasty Olympic-Themed Treats

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As DFW homebuilders, Normandy Homes uses modern home designs with open floor plans that are perfect for having guests over for an Olympics watch party! The only thing more enjoyable than the Olympics itself are all the tasty Olympic-themed treats you can make. Here are just a few delicious ideas. 






The perfect treat to enjoy while watching the Olympics, these Olympic Cookies are sure to be a hit. A delicious sugar cookie topped with buttercream frosting and M&M’s for the Olympic rings.  

Olympic Nanaimo Bars


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Sticking with the Olympic rings theme, these Olympic nanaimo bars are very tasty. They take a little more time to make than the Olympic cookies, but they are definitely worth it. The recipe does call for nuts, so make sure to let your guests know in case any have a nut allergy.

Graham Cracker Cookie Flags


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Have a little “taste” of every country and have a fun, edible arts and crafts project with your kids by making these graham cracker cookie flags. You can also get all your guests involved and have them make the flag of the country that they’re rooting for. 

Gold Medal Treats

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With these tasty Olympic-themed treats, everyone’s a winner! Just like the graham cracker cookie flags, these gold medal treats are an excellent arts and crafts project that will entertain your guests. This way, everyone can take home the gold.

Olympic Torch Cupcakes


(Image via hoosierhomemade.com)

No Olympic Games would be complete without the Olympic torch, or in this case, the Olympic torch cupcakes. Trade the normal cupcake wrappers for a more festive sugar ice cream cone. The cone will act as the handle of the torch, and the candy clay will act as the flames.

The modern home designs and open floor plans of Normandy Homes’ single-family homes make them perfect for a big gathering! To learn more about why Normandy Homes is one of the best DFW homebuilders, visit the Normandy Homes website today.

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