7 Olympic Fun Facts

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1. First Time in South America

This is the very first time the Olympic Games has ever been held in South America. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil beat out Chicago, Madrid and Tokyo in 2009 for the chance to host the 2016 Olympics. 

2. Rugby Sevens Debut

This will also be the first Olympics to feature rugby sevens. This seven-a-side variation of rugby only lasts 15 minutes per game. Also, both the men’s and women’s U.S. teams are considered medal contenders.

3. The Return of Golf

It’s been 112 years since golf was a part of the Olympics, and this year, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decided to bring the sport back! 

4. 21st Century Olympians

This is the first Summer Olympics that feature Olympians born in the year 2000. Rules state that all athletes must have been born before January 1, 2003. The youngest competitors are most likely going to be athletes competing in diving and gymnastics.

5. Refugee Team

The IOC is letting a team of athletes who have been forced to flee their countries to compete. They are competing under the Olympic flag and should they win, the Olympic song will be played in place of a national anthem. 

6. 60,000 Meals Per Day

To feed the over 10,000 athletes, organizers will have to prepare 60,000 meals a day. Most of the meals will feature Brazilian staples such as rice, black beans and barbecued meats.

7. Team USA Athletes

America has brought over 550 athletes to the 2016 Rio Olympics. Team USA consistently brings more athletes than all the other visiting countries. 

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