DIY Holiday Décor Ideas

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Normandy Homes brings your dream home to life. With the variety of modern home designs available, there is no limit to your potential creativity in one of our new homes. Winter is less than twenty days away, and that means Christmas and New Years are right around the corner. Make sure that your home is ready for the upcoming season with these creative DIY holiday décor ideas from Normandy Homes!

No home is complete without a pleasant and welcoming aroma from these teacup candles. Do you have a few extra teacups in your kitchen cabinets? If not, check out your local craft, antique or thrift shops to make this stylish candle. Fill your teacup with soy wax flakes, a wick and essential oils to your liking. Keep them for yourself or give them to your friends and family as a small holiday gift!

Personalized ornaments


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Decorate your tree with custom ornaments! A small circular slice of wood with acrylic paint can be the perfect finish touch to your décor. Paint a name, date or simple design to make a vintage-style masterpiece. When you’re finished, just drill a hole and add twine or ribbon for hanging. Most craft shops also carry clear glass ornaments that are ideal for crafting. Remove the tops and fill them with feathers, glitter, confetti or pompoms to give them your own unique flair. 

Natural Wreath


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Why buy a wreath when you can make a natural wreath yourself? Give your home the scent of fresh foliage from eucalyptus and rosemary to a variety of other combinations. You can get the foliage from a local florist or possibly your own garden. Wherever you get the greenery, this home design idea is sure to add some holiday cheer to your home.  

These few DIY decorating ideas will surely turn your new home into a beautiful wintery scene. If you are interested in finding your dream home in one of our modern home designs, contact Normandy Homes today!