6 Reasons Why Dallas-Fort Worth is Booming

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As homebuilders in DFW, Normandy Homes understands that people want to live in modern homes located in a convenient and growing area. That’s why Normandy Homes is always building new homes in DFW. Dallas-Fort Worth has always been a booming area, but in recent years it’s been growing even quicker. Why is that? Today, Normandy Homes is going to share 6 reasons why Dallas-Forth Worth is booming.

1. Economics

Dallas-Forth Worth has one of the strongest economies and has the sixth highest GDP of all Metropolitan areas in the nation. In fact, if DFW were a country, it would have the 29th largest economy in the world.

2. Jobs

Since the Dallas-Fort Worth economy is so strong, there are always more jobs being created. From 2005 to 2013 the DFW Metroplex added over 337,000 jobs, and that number has only gone up since. There are also a lot of major employers that are starting to move their headquarters to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, such as Toyota, Jamba Juice, JP Morgan Chase and more.

3. Salaries

Not only is there an increase in jobs, but the jobs tend to pay more. There was also a 17.3% growth in income from 2005 to 2013. That’s higher than any other metro area in the nation. This increase in salary is due to the increase of jobs in which more people are needed, so companies are willing to pay more for people to work for them.

4. Education

The Dallas-Fort Worth area also has some of the best educational opportunities available. From amazing public and private schools to excellent colleges like Southern Methodist University in Dallas, the University of North Texas in Denton and Texas Christian University in Fort Worth.

5. Livability

Even without all of these other reasons, Dallas-Fort Worth is just a great place to live and raise a family. The crime rates are lower than other comparable cities and the average commute time is a mere 30 minutes round-trip.

Dallas-Fort Worth truly is a beautiful place and Normandy Homes loves being homebuilders in DFW. To learn more about Normandy’s modern homes, visit the Normandy Homes website and take a look at our communities of new homes in DFW.

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