Four Games to Play for Game Night

Sometimes the best nights are the ones spent inside playing games with friends and family. You can never go wrong with the classic board games. However, Normandy Homes has a few other games that are fun to play in our new homes in DFW!

Elephant March
Sure to provide plenty of hilarious moments, Elephant March is a lot harder than it looks. The main object of the game is to knock over the water bottles with a ball, but it isn’t nearly that easy. Here are the full instructions on how to play Elephant March.

Tear It Up
A game of accuracy, Tear It Up can be fun for everyone and can be easily reset. All you need is two rolls of toilet paper, a long stick to put through the toilet paper, chairs to hold the stick, rubber bands and two empty water bottles. Here’s a video demonstrating how to play Tear It Up.

Two Rooms and a Boom 
Great to play with a big group, Two Rooms and a Boom is a fun game with two teams and a simple premise. Don’t let the bomber end up in the same room as the president. The trick is, no one knows who they are. Here are the instructions so you can know how to play Two Rooms and a Boom for your next game night.

This game is also a lot of fun when played in a big group. Mafia is a game of strategy, survival and the ability to spot fraud. While there are a few different variations of the game, the main setting remains to be a small village where the mafia is trying to take over. Take a look at the instructions on how to play Mafia.

Normandy Homes builds modern homes with family home plans that have plenty of space to host a game night with friends and family. For more information about our new homes in DFW, visit the Normandy Homes website today.

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