3 Creative Ways to Landscape Your Yard

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With the home designs from Normandy Homes, you’re able to perfectly landscape your yards. All you need to do is make it your own. Here are some ideas on how to landscape your front and backyard to make it a warm welcome or a luxurious getaway. 

Landscaping can be as simple as creating a walkway. Whether you’re creating a path to a backyard seating area or surrounding the perimeter of your front yard garden, adding pavers can give any yard an extra dimension. Rather than just a bland patch of grass, pavers give your yard a sense of flow and direction.

Pipe Garden Edging

(Photo by: bobvila.com)

Repurposing old steel pipes to edge your garden can help give it a rustic and earthy look. You can fill them with small pebbles to add a bit of extra texture. You could also plant small succulents inside a few of them to have a mini garden. This combination will allow you to plant large, luscious plants that fill in your yard nicely, but also show off the ruggedly beautiful colors and shapes of different succulents. An additional benefit to using this method is that the pipes can help defend your garden from small animals or a lawn mower.

Add a Water Feature

(Photo by: solarbirdbath.net)

A water feature can be as simple as a static bird bath, or as ornate as a small waterfall. Water features help to bring the serene sounds of nature to your doorstep. They require very little maintenance, and you can even find solar-powered water features so you can conserve electricity. 

Normandy Homes’ modern home designs give you the opportunity to make your home your own, so give these creative landscaping ideas a try. Visit our website to see our beautiful communities and find your dream home with Normandy Homes!