Outdoor Games to Play at Your BBQ Party

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Nothing seems to bring people in Texas together better than barbeque. Your friends and family come over to your Normandy house, and you throw a few burgers and hot dogs on the grill. Maybe you even have a rack of ribs slowly cooking on the top shelf. While the food is getting ready, keep all your guests entertained with these fun outdoor games.

This twist on a classic game is perfect for a backyard BBQ. You can either make it yourself or purchase it online. Once you’ve played it, you’ll see why so many people consider it a must at outdoor parties!

Yard Twister

Photo by: listotic.com

Another classic, family-fun game, Twister brings joy to all those involved. The best part about this rendition is you can customize the area of play to your needs. While the image above uses ground marking spray paint to mark their spots, you can also use spot markers for a more temporary and portable game.

Jumbo Checkers

Photo by: listotic.com

Just like Giant Jenga, you could buy this fun game on Amazon, but you could just as easily make it. Jumbo Checkers is perfect for your guests that just want to sit in the shade and casually play a fun game. 

Ladder Golf

Photo by: momtastic.com

Do you want to play a game that requires a little bit of skill and aim, then ladder golf is for you! If you’ve never played this game before, it’s quite simple. Here are the rules of Ladder Golf.

These are just a few of the many fun outdoor games you could play at your next BBQ party. What’s great about all these games is that you can play them with anyone anywhere! Since all of these games are portable, they don’t have to remain permanently setup.

So go ahead and invite everyone! With the open floor plans and modern house plan of your Normandy house, there’s plenty of room both inside and out. Visit our website to see all our available homes and communities!