5 Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient












Spring is in the air, and it’s the perfect time to make sure your home is optimized to save energy before the summer heat begins. As a DFW homebuilder, Normandy Homes knows that energy efficiency is on every homebuyer’s mind. That’s why we’re sharing a few tips to make your home more energy efficient.

1. Change Your Light Bulbs

Hands down one of the easiest ways to start saving energy and money is to switch to a different type of light bulb. If you start using Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFL), you could drastically save a lot of money, and these light bulbs generally last 12 times longer than traditional light bulbs. Another great option are LED Light Bulbs , which allow you to adjust the lighting to any occasion with a color rendering index that ensures objects are seen in their natural color. Not only will you spend less money on energy, but you’ll even spend less money on buying light bulbs!

2. Use Energy Efficient Appliances

While this requires that you have a larger upfront cost as energy efficient appliances are usually more expensive, they save you so much more in the long run! To ensure that you’re using energy efficient appliances, Normandy Homes recommends sticking with Energy Star Certified products.

 3. Don’t Overuse Appliances

If you don’t want to make the investment into energy efficient appliances just yet, then start with simply limiting how much you’re actually using certain appliances. For example, you wouldn’t want to run your dishwasher if it’s only half full.

4. Add Window Treatments

Even if the windows are closed, the sunlight that seeps in still warms the air and makes your air conditioner work even harder to maintain a certain temperature. To combat this, simply add curtains or blinds that can block the sunlight during peak heat times.

 5. Upgrade Your Thermostat

Don’t go another season with an outdated thermostat that you constantly have to adjust. Instead, invest in a smart thermostat that can learn and adapt to your family’s schedule. Smart thermostats like the Ecobee 3 Thermostat (pictured above) bring a whole new meaning to set it and forget it.

Normandy Homes uses open floor plans, which allow for optimal energy efficiency by letting air flow freely throughout the house and reduce the need for as many light bulbs. To learn more about our new homes in North Texas, contact Normandy Homes today.