Normandy Homes’ Guide to Spring: Freshen Up Your Home Design

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The warm weather and lively colors of spring are upon us! All of the nature around our new homes in DFW is coming to life, but consider introducing fresh designs to the interior spaces as well. Normandy Homes is sharing a guide to the five major design elements you need to consider when updating your home for the new season.


Let some sunshine in! To start things off, look at how light comes into your space. The more natural light you can have, the better. Our beautiful homes have open floor plans that allow the golden rays of the sun to shine throughout virtually any space! If you have a space that doesn’t have too many windows, simply use a stylish floor or table lamp with lightly colored shades.


Make way for natural tones! You don’t have to repaint your whole house to bring spring colors into your home design. Start with simple changes like adding throw pillows that are light, airy colors or change your curtains to be more sheer. Instead of painting your walls, you can also just add some spring-themed wall art.


Your secret weapon for diversifying home designs. Tactile elements are an easy way to unify or separate design concepts. For spring, Normandy Homes would recommend choosing natural textiles such as cotton or introduce a woven bamboo or jute rug.


Start the spring cleaning! That’s right, space is a crucial element to home designs. Thankfully our open floor plans already give homeowners plenty of room to create their dream area. However, if you’re revitalizing a space in your house for spring, start by getting rid of the clutter and organizing. Also, consider rearranging your furniture so you can get the most out of your space.


Show off your green thumb! Spring is the season when our favorite plants and flowers come back into bloom, and, when used properly, they can really set off your home design. Don’t just stick with small plants on a windowsill or coffee table. Try tall, skinny trees by windows and even vertical succulent gardens!

By working with these five simple home design elements, you can help make your home feel like a beautiful, spring day every day! To discover more about our abundant new homes in DFW, contact Normandy Homes today.