Thanksgiving Dinner Hacks for a Stress-Free Holiday


Are you hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year? Whether it’s your first or 20th time hosting, the mounting stress of planning and cooking a Thanksgiving feast can get to even the seasoned pro. This year, take command of the kitchen and make your life easier with these Thanksgiving dinner hacks from Normandy Homes!

Grab A Cooler

While preparing for the big day, you’ll find your fridge becoming more and more crowded. A great way to free up space is by moving unneeded bottles like salad dressing and pickles—as well as drinks—into a large cooler filled with ice packs.

An even better Thanksgiving dinner hack? Use a cooler as a warming drawer! Just place a few folded towels at the bottom and line the chest with aluminum foil if it doesn’t already have insulated material inside. When a dish comes out of the oven, pop it into the insulated cooler to free up space and keep your food nice and warm.

Salad Bar Time Saver

If just the thought of chopping onions and peppers makes you want to cry, use this brilliant Thanksgiving dinner hack: your grocery store’s salad bar! Load up on chopped veggies, crumbled bacon, hardboiled eggs—anything that will come in handy for the big feast and save you time.

DIY Pie Weights

You’re getting ready to bake your pie crust and then notice the instructions say, “use pie weights to keep your shell from puffing up.” If you only make pie during the holiday season, don’t stress over buying a kitchen tool you don’t need. An effective substitute is to use dried beans or uncooked rice. Just be sure to line the inside of the crust with foil or parchment paper and then place the beans directly in the middle. Easy and cheap!

Foil is Your Friend

Another kitchen gadget you’ll find yourself needing on the big day: a roasting rack. If you don’t have a roasting rack, try this Thanksgiving dinner hack: Roll a few long sheets of aluminum foil into a rope shape and wrap it into a circle on the bottom of your pan. Place your bird in the center, and voila!  Even easier: make a bed of halved onions, carrots and celery at the bottom of the pan and place your turkey on top.

Slow Cooker and Thermos Saver

Worried about keeping your mashed potatoes warm while you’re still cooking other dishes? Use your slow cooker! Grease the inside of the insert with butter, pour in a little heavy cream and then add the potatoes. Keep it on low and be sure to stir at least once every hour.

What about the gravy? Just pour it into a thermos to keep warm until needed!

Easy Fat Separator

Avoid greasy gravy with this Thanksgiving dinner hack. To effortlessly separate fat from your pan drippings, pour the drippings into a large glass measuring cup and let cool. After the fat travels to the top and solidifies, you’ll easily be able to spoon it out.

Save Your Turkey

Dry bird? Warm some chicken broth on the stove top and drizzle over the cut meat. The broth will add flavor and moisten the meat, as well as warm it up.

Normandy Homes hopes our Thanksgiving dinner hacks help you prepare for the big day and navigate your kitchen with confidence! Another piece of advice we can offer: find a new home in DFW with a spacious, open-concept kitchen that helps you entertain like a pro!

At Normandy Homes, we offer luxury designer details like oversized kitchen islands, custom cabinetry and chef’s pantries that make hosting Thanksgiving dinner a breeze. Find your new DFW home before the year-end holidays by calling us at 469-206-9116 or filling out our contact form.