Top 3 Common Homebuying Myths Busted

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Whether you’re a first or fourth-time buyer, buying a home is a big decision. There are a lot of myths floating around the world of homebuying. That’s why Normandy Homes, as trusted DFW homebuilders, is going to bust three of the most common myths about buying new homes. 1. It’s Cheaper to Rent All over the DFW area, home rental prices are skyrocketing whereas home pricing is staying consistent. Renting may seem like a better deal at first, but in the long-run, buying is the better option. If this is your first time buying a home, there are plenty of tax benefits that you and your family can take advantage of. You also won’t find a shortage of great new homes in the North Texas and DFW area!

5 Interior Design Trends to Get Your New Home Ready For Fall

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Fall is a wonderful time of year. The leaves change and begin to flood the ground of Allen, Texas with marvelous colors. Let those bright and vibrant colors inspire you to do something amazing in your home as well. Fall is the perfect time to try something new, something creative, and something that will help your new home truly pop! Here are five interior design trends for the fall that we’ve notice are really growing. 1. Luxuriously Colorful Modernism The colors of fall are always mesmerizing, but why should fall get all the attention? Modernism is on the rise again, and it’s bringing bold colors with it. And with our spacious homes in Cypress Meadows, you’ll have room for all of your favorite pieces.

How Many of These 2015 Home Design Trends Have You Tried?

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Ever heard of the phrase, “out with the old, in with the new?” This couldn’t be more applicable to new home interior design trends. It seems that as quickly as something becomes a trend, it disappears into home décor oblivion. The following are the latest and greatest trends of 2015. Take these into consideration as you begin thinking about your new Normandy home and how to decorate it. 1. Gold fixtures Retro continues to make a comeback with this design. Look for bright gold with a sleek finish to ensure extra shine. In the past, the only options most homeowners were given was silver or stainless steel. Now, you can mix and match or make a bold statement by going strictly gold.

5 Patio Decor Ideas For Your Mustang Park Home

Warmer weather, clear blue skies and sunny days are upon us! If you plan on spending any time at all on your patio, which you will in your new Mustang Park home, then your going to want to take a look at these décor ideas to help create an atmosphere you will love! 1. Tropical Add a touch of fun to your outdoor patio with some colorful accents. Incorporating vibrant colors like tangerine or fuchsia into your cushions will really make your space pop! Modern prints like strips or lively florals will also do the trick.

The Suburbs Or An Urban Community? What’s Right For You?

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If you are considering buying a new home, it’s a smart idea to start thinking about the differences between living in the suburbs and living in an urban community. As one of the finest premiere home builders in North Texas, Normandy Homes is dedicated to helping you find a home and a community that best fits your life! Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when buying your new home. Population Density Urban communities have a significantly larger number of people than the suburbs. While an urban community typically has more opportunities to buy a condo or a townhome, living in the suburbs offers quieter lifestyle with single-family homes being a more common purchase.

Near Normandy Homes Communities: The $5 Billion Mile in Frisco

North Texas continues to grow with The $5 Billion Mile in Frisco, TX. The one-mile stretch along the Dallas North Tollway, from Warren Parkway north and Lebanon Road, has billions of dollars in new development underway including The Star in Frisco, Frisco Station, The Gate and Wade Park. While these four large developments are located in Frisco, Normandy Homes has several communities less than a 30-minute drive away for residents to soon enjoy all that the $5B Mile has to offer.

Nebraska Furniture Mart Opens Near Normandy Homes Communities

Nebraska Furniture Mart, the biggest store in Texas, is now open to the public. Normandy Homes' communities could not be more excited! With all of your furniture options at the tip of your fingertips, the Nebraska Furniture Mart is every shoppers dream come true. Conveniently located near many Normandy Homes communities, the newest store is in The Colony, Texas. With what may have seemed like the longest soft opening in retail history, Nebraska Furniture Mart's strategy was to prepare the 2,300 employees to handle the high demand. While the store has not set an official grand opening date just yet, it is open every day to the public. Look out for their Pre-Grand Opening Prices!

3 Easy Ways To Make Your New Home Safer

Have you recently moved into a new home? Normandy Homes wants to make sure you know a few of these easy, effective ways to ensure that your new home is a safe place for you and your family! 1. Brighten The Surroundings of Your New Home Lighting up your surroundings both indoors and outdoors is a cost-effective way to keep you and your loved ones safe. Light timers are perfect to use for your front yard or on your front porch. That way, if something is moving, you will be able to know. So your new home doesn’t appear completely dark from the outside, there are many low lights that are available for you to put inside the home as well. Purchase some energy-efficient light bulbs and brighten up your surroundings today!

Communities Near Starbucks Have Better Home Values

Living in communities near Starbucks coffee shops can increase your home value. Yes, you heard that right! In a recent study by Zillow, a real estate database, showed that from 1997 to 2014, 96 percent of houses located near a Starbucks increased in value, while homes farther away only increased by 65 percent. There are said to be a few theories behind this: Theory 1 It is true; homes near Starbucks tend to be a little more expensive. However, these same houses increase in value at a faster rate than US housing as a whole. Those looking for a new home just might believe that communities near Starbucks means that the neighborhood is improving. And a growing community is extremely important to prospective homeowners.

NY NOW: The Latest Home & Lifestyle Trends

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Hosted twice a year, NY NOW features 2,800 exhibiting companies showcasing their very best home, lifestyle & gift lines for the world to see. This year, NY NOW was reorganized into three completely new sections, Home, Lifestyle, & Handmade, for attendees to experience each unique market collection. Because Normandy Homes is always staying on top of the latest home & lifestyle trends, here are some major NY NOW highlights that everyone is talking about. Accent on Design The area known as Accent on Design showcased the latest innovative trends from designers around the world. One in particular, is a young artist named Elyse Graham, who is known for producing one-of-a-kind pieces. Shaping plaster inside inflated balloons, she is able to create some stunning vases!

Mustang Park In Carrollton—New Homes Coming Soon!

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A new Normandy Homes community is coming soon to Mustang Park in Carrollton, Texas! Offering many luxury lifestyle amenities and situated comfortably in a prime location within the city, Mustang Park is a great place to call home for those relocating into the area. The new Normandy Homes community, will be located in the heart of North Dallas just 20 minutes from downtown Dallas and West of the Dallas North Tollway.

The 2015 International Builders Show Most Innovative Exhibitors

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This has been an exciting and busy week for homebuilders and designers from around the world as they gathered in Las Vegas for the annual NAHB International Builders Show. As the largest annual light construction show in the world, you could only imagine the innovative and creative new home features, gadgets and designs exhibited for the 2015 home! With nearly 1,200 exhibitors gathering at the Las Vegas Convention Center throughout 476,000 square feet, this week has been all about learning new techniques, finding inspiration and networking with industry leaders.

New Year, New Smart Home Trends Coming In 2015

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The New Year is upon us and Normandy Homes is excited for some great new home technologies coming in 2015. The yearly CES conference in Las Vegas has shown some interesting new gadgets and upgrades for the smart home this year. Some of the trends continue to strive towards a green living focus while others are embracing the evolution in smart personal devices and integrating them into the home.

3 Benefits Of Living In An HOA Community

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Living in an HOA community has become an increasing trend for homebuyers looking not only for quality homes, but also quality living outside the home. Having a well-kept community and access to amenities that at times resemble a country club or resort living style, are top of mind when families choose the home of their dreams. But what does it mean if your community is part of a Homeowners Association and what benefits could that offer you and your family?

How People Are Finding Their Dream Homes On Houzz

With over 10 million montly unique visitors, Houzz has become a hub for home builders, interior designers, and pretty much anyone interested in looking for a fancier approach to pinterest for the home. The best part about Houzz is how easily accessible information is. You could almost call it the Google of homes as it has anything from contractors to designers listed for people to conveniently find and Normandy Homes has its own page, where you can browse model homes inside and out.

Qualities Luxury Homebuyers Are Looking For In A New Home

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The home industry is constantly changing, but with the newest technological advances happening every day, finding a new luxury home that fits a person’s needs and stays on top of the game has become essential for all homebuyers. Buying or building a new home within the luxury market is an investment that will resonate throughout the years and define the future of living. So, whether you are buying or selling, here are a few things to know about what luxury homebuyers are looking for in a new home today:

Normandy Homes Maximizes Savings With Energy Efficient Homes

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In today’s world, it is essential to build homes that fit our lifestyles and that help us to be smarter about the way we use energy, which is why Normandy Homes has partnered with SYSTEMHAUSE to create energy efficient homes through an “Energy Savvy Program.” With this program, we have created a unique combination of high performance products and methods of construction in order to maximize savings and ensure long-term efficiency. The program varies, based on the design and location of each home, making it customizable for every new home. Some key features include comprehensive performance analysis so that you are able to track and control your energy usage as well as the latest construction methods to ensure the most modern technology and quality in each home.

The Significant Increase of North Texas Home Values

Looking at 2013, we can all agree that the market is booming in Texas real estate and that good things came our way. Home values have increased by $1.9 trillion in the United States and the Dallas-Fort Worth area accounted for $18.7 billion of that growth according to Zillow. Also, the increase in Dallas-Forth Worth home values exceeded almost by double of the increase experienced in the Houston area as Zillow reports. The recession seems to be way behind us and optimism is in the air for 2014.
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