Make the most of your home during COVID-19

As we get used to spending a lot more time at home these days, having a plan for this new style of living is crucial.

Take the time to make the most out of the situation by giving your home’s interior “stay at home” makeover.

Zoom! Zoom!

For those oh-so-common telecommuting call, make sure your workspace is distraction-free and well lit. Also, you’ll want to have lots of working or desk space. Though not always recommended because of the distractions, if you do use the kitchen table, clean out a drawer in the kitchen to be able to go from work to dinner seamlessly.

If you have kids at home, prepare space for them too. They should be able to leave the school day behind when it’s time for snacks, cartoons and bugging mom!

Using up in a bedroom gives you more privacy options, like the ability to close the door for noise-free conference call. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so don’t worry if you don’t have a proper desk. If you must sit on the bed, don’t tell grandma!

If you don’t have to transform your space daily, your productivity (and your personal life) should improve. If you have a bonus room or game or media room, these are good bets. Either way, work with what you have.

Staying in for Lunch.

Most of us are cooking more these days (sourdough?). Be sure to reorganize to be more functional and to store household items in a way that suits your newfound prowess in the kitchen. The joy of cooking means having a kitchen that works for you. How far do you have to walk between tasks? The key is to make things easy!

Most of us need our coffee, although smoothies are gaining in popularity. Creating a coffee bar/smoothie station and keep all the important ingredients at the bar. Time saved is money in the bank!

Stay Away from the Freshman 15!

This isn’t your first rodeo. Figuring out how to workout at home will keep you in shape and make you feel better. Make do with what you have. If you keep your workout gear in the bedroom closet near your workspace, you can get in a quick workout happens between calls or maybe you can hit the exercise bike before your next meeting (if you don’t use the camera, be creative!).

If you have an empty bedroom closet, build your own gym!

  • Workout mat? Check.
  • Hooks to hang bands and shelves to store weights. Check.
  • Must have: Outfit the back wall with a screen or TV to stream your favorite online workouts (among other shows). Check.

So Easy, a Caveman can do it!

Netflix? Prime? HBO Max? Easy-peasy. Get your streaming game in order, as family entertainment might be the key to this whole thing! You can easily convert a game or playroom into an awesome movie theater. Hang black out screens or drapes for crisper views, but do not have to dedicate an entire room to watching your binge-worthy favorites. Your makeshift home theater can be flexible.

Home is Where the Heart Is.

These strange times are helping us all realize there really is “no place like home” and feeling comfortable and happy in yours enhances every minute you spend there. Most of what you need – your family – is already there. Put your heads together to create happy spaces and most importantly – stay safe. 2021 will be here in the next few years!