Yours, by Design: Bedroom Ideas for Comfort and Function

Inspired décor and functional home design go hand in hand, which is why we’re pleased to release a new series on the Normandy Homes blog, “Yours, By Design” featuring Christina Wilcocks, Normandy Homes’ Director of Design. Here Christina will share ideas on how well-thought-out spaces can create the perfect backdrop for a home that you can truly make your own, plus highlight design trends to help you create the ideal blend of function and style.   

As one of the most important rooms in the house, the owner’s suite is where comfort and function come together at the beginning and ending of each day. And considering we spend up to a third of our lives sleeping, creating a bedroom that facilitates rest involves thoughtful planning and simple upkeep

In Normandy Homes floorplans, the owner’s suite 一 or as some still call it, the master bedroom 一 is thoughtfully located with convenience and retreat in mind. Spacious square footage, en-suite bathrooms, and ample closet spaces allow for personalization and purpose.

And the key to creating a personal, comfortable bedroom sanctuary? Layout and layering, says Christina Wilcocks, Normandy Homes’ Director of Design. “Start with a great layout and architectural features, then add soothing colors and textured layers of linens and lighting to create a peaceful oasis,” notes Wilcocks. Incorporating steps to keep the bedroom organized and clutter-free also add to the restful atmosphere.

Good Bones and Architectural Interest 

Normandy Homes designs owner’s suites with intention and style, providing the “good bones” that create the perfect backdrop to personalize. Instead of a simple box space, our floorplans offer architectural interest and optional features that add instant character, including:

  • Vaulted or tray ceilings for added height and dimension
  • Walls of windows warm the room and bring in more natural light 
  • Cozy window seats
  • Optional barn doors
  • Designer ceiling fixtures like chandeliers or ceiling fans
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Designers agree that a comfortable, striking bed is often the center of the room visually, and the first feature you notice when you walk through the door. Most homes feature a “bed wall” that is ideal for placement. Normandy Homes are designed to include a bed wall that optimizes the layout and highlights the natural light, and many floorplans offer rooms large enough to accommodate various furniture sizes and configurations.

Wilcocks shares that owners should evaluate, “What furniture must I have in the room?” For the focal point, an impactful headboard on the queen- or king-sized bed anchors the room and reflects personal style. Additionally, nightstands are nearly always a staple for practicality and design.

However, with larger master closets accommodating more storage, many owners are choosing to forgo a dresser and instead set up a cozy seating area. Once the layout is determined, homeowners can personalize design to create a serene, sophisticated bedroom.

Layering, Lighting and Texture

Creating a beautiful bedroom includes layering both lighting and fabrics. Lighting from LED disc lights, a ceiling fan or chandelier, and bedside lighting allow owners to soften the lighting during nighttime hours to truly create a restful atmosphere. Consider dimmable switches for further lighting control. These lighting options also add to the style of the room.

Additionally, well-chosen upholsteries 一 like draperies, rugs, pillows and bed linens 一 not only enhance the look of the room, they help soften sound. Plus, a few special touches give the room a seasonal feel and can easily be switched out when the weather changes. From heavy knit blankets for fall and winter to light linens for summer, a few small adjustments help freshen up the room.

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Personal Design

A beautiful bed, whether it’s a statement headboard or bold canopy frame, serves as the heart of the bedroom both in function and design. Gorgeous, comfortable bedding and crisp sheets create the inviting space to lay down your head each night. Complementary accents, like mismatched pillows or trendy footstools, offer a way to modernize your room.

When it comes to paint colors, gray remains a popular choice for its calming effect, as does blue for its versatility. Consider The Spruce’s list of 10 Best Blue Paint Colors for the Bedroom. Each year, Color of the Year lists are released by the Pantone Institute and paint companies like Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore. Explore these colors to incorporate trending accents to your bedroom.

Normandy Homes provides a great canvas that invites you to personalize your own bedroom retreat. For the bedroom, homeowners can find loads of inspiration online. Consider these trending styles:

  • Scandinavian design is popular for those who love a clean, modern look. White linens, light neutrals, and high-contrast dark accents are coupled with minimalist mid-century furniture.
  • Boho chic is for homeowners who embrace the carefree and unconventional accents that reflect a love of travel and global-inspired pieces. 
  • Grandmillennial style is newer to the scene as homeowners embrace “granny chic” pieces like florals, vintage couches, and chintz pillows.
  • Traditional bedrooms feature symmetrical furniture placements, embracing classic design that doesn’t have to be dated or boring. Adding contemporary elements, pops of color, or elements of the design trends above help elevate a classic bedroom.

Maintaining Your Sanctuary

In addition to your personal design style that pleases the eye, it’s wise to incorporate routines that help maintain your bedroom as a purposeful retreat space.

  • Keep your room tidy. Clean and clutter-free helps create a serene atmosphere.
  • Invest in a quality mattress and bedding. The average person sleeps 229,961 hours in their lifetime, so quality sleep is vital to reset physically, boost our moods, sharpen our mental abilities, and maintain our heart health and blood sugar levels.
  • Involve your senses. Incorporate your sense of smell with essential oils or scented candles or plug-ins. For relaxing sounds, try playing soothing nature sounds, calming music, or white noise from a streaming device.

Wilcocks says the final results of great bedroom design comes down to this: When you walk through the door your bedroom should provoke “a restful, calm, comfortable retreat.”

You’ll find the intentional design of Normandy Homes makes it easy for you to customize your owner’s suite into a serene, restful space that reflects your personal style. Building upon great architectural elements, your bedroom sanctuary can easily be achieved with layered lighting and texture, a beautiful bed, thoughtful color choices, and routines that facilitate relaxation.

Explore Normandy Homes to find your new home that creates the ideal backdrop for your personal style.

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