Setting Up Your Home to Reach Your New Year’s Goals & Resolutions

Making progress on your New Year’s goals means creating space in your home in order to achieve success. The last two years have taught us to rethink our priorities and many are just now returning to some sort of routine. For those who are dreaming and making plans again, a few thoughtful changes to your home can pave the way for a purposeful 2022! If your resolutions involve more reading, exercising, getting organized, or spending quality time as a family, your home is a great place to start.

Exercise for Mental and Physical Health

Yes, getting more physically active seems to be on the list of New Year’s resolutions for about 99% of the population. It’s a noble and achievable goal, as just 30 minutes of exercise daily is proven to improve heart health, reduce stress, improve memory, and increase productivity and creativity. So how can you make your home and schedule conducive to more movement?

“Don’t make it complicated,” says Christina Wilcocks, director of design for Normandy Homes. “This is Texas – get outside!” Many Normandy Homes are in great walkable communities with nature trails and parks on-site or nearby. On rainy days when you want a quick, accessible work out, Wilcocks suggests setting aside a space with equipment that folds up easily or can be tucked away. For a dual-purpose guest room, murphy beds provide great flexibility, with many attractive options available online.

If you want to go all-out with home gym equipment, use your flex space or spare bedroom for your Peloton, elliptical, weights, yoga mat, or your preferred exercise tools. Some communities, like Estates at Shaddock Park in Frisco, have an on-site gym and pool.

Decluttering for a Fresh Start

For those who are resolved to get your home organized in 2022, Wilcocks says to look for items that don’t serve a purpose. “Start the New Year without the burden of all the ‘extras’ in your home – visual clutter is stressful,” she advises. 

Tackle small timely projects, like the pantry or seasonal decor. Toss out what is old or unused. Then progress room by room, storing like objects together and getting rid of duplicates. Go through your living spaces, but don’t just tuck those items in a closet to deal with later; remove them. Donating items helps others and it alleviates the burden of “stuff” in your home. Consider these tips to Organize and Refresh Your Home from the blog archives.

Reading Goals

Want to scroll less and turn pages more? Creating a cozy reading nook in your home invites you to get lost in a good book. Set up a comfy chair or luxurious chaise in your master bedroom. Some Normandy Homes floorplans have window bump-outs perfect for window seats. Just add a cushion, throw pillows, and blankets for your reading spot. Besides the master bedroom, you could create your own window nook in quieter spaces like the study in the Balsam floorplan or surrounded by family activity in the flex space off the kitchen of this South Haven floorplan (the Aspen), for example. If you like to switch up your reading routine, make a “traveling basket” of books and goodies to go from your bedroom nightstand to the patio to the living room. Keep track of your reading progress on Good Reads to reach your New Year goals!

Cooking and Eating at Home

If you want to simply save money or get creative in the kitchen, the benefits of eating at home are countless! Besides better nutrition, science proves that kids and adults alike have positive outcomes from gathering around the table, including lower risks of depression, obesity, improved academic/work performance, and social adaptability. 

Normandy Homes floorplans provide gorgeous, functional kitchens to not only cook in, but to enjoy a big family meal together. The pre-designed options for cabinet layouts make the kitchens feel custom, while providing plenty of space to catch up while you meal prep. 

“Make it a goal to eat together four times a week,” says Wilcocks. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, prioritize family mealtimes. If you like simple meals, try out meal kit plans or take turns involving the kids in preparing their favorite dish. The point is to come together, save money, and make memories around the table.

Working from Home: Work/Life Balance

After much of the workforce went remote in 2020, 35 percent of employees will continue to work from home full-time and 30 percent will work a hybrid schedule splitting at-home/in-office hours.

“Many discovered a flexible schedule that they love, but it can also result in added stress if you are not set up properly,” says Wilcocks. “If possible, pick a space dedicated for just work – this way, when you step away, it is like leaving the office.” 

Many floorplans have a flex space that can be used as a home office, so the office doesn’t spill out onto the dining room table. Or you can create an office in a spare bedroom or even a “cloffice” (closet/office) in a guest room. In addition to a dedicated space, Wilcocks says to select a space with plenty of natural light or use layered lighting, like lamps, overhead lighting, and desk lights. A dark office isn’t conducive to productivity.

Finally, set healthy boundaries when working from home. Wilcocks advises, “Set up a daily schedule and follow it like you would if you have to go into the office.  When you’re done for the day, close up your space and check out completely.”

More Family Time

When you step away from the office, many parents want more quality time as a family. Our homes are the perfect spot to do so. Gather in the backyard for burgers and a game of catch. Head to the game room for board games and pool. Create a weekly tradition like Friday night pizza and a movie in the media room. It’s easy to desire more family time, but setting a purposeful goal makes it happen.  

If you are searching for a new home in the Dallas Metroplex, check out the Normandy Homes communities to find a home and floorplan sure to fit your lifestyle and help with your New Year’s goals.

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