Real Reward 3-4-5

Introducing Real Rewards from Normandy Homes


Normandy Homes values the relationships we build with our Realtor partners and we encourage your participation in our mutual goal of customer satisfaction.  We are committed to making the buying and building of a new home satisfying and easy for both you and your clients. Simply introduce yourself and your client to our Community Sales Manager during your first visit to our sales office and register. It's easy from there!


Normandy provides best-in-class design, workmanship and customer service and we're not satisfied until you are.


2019 Real Reward Program: Loyalty Rewards


For home sales between April 1 and December 31, 2019, Normandy Homes will be offering Realtors the opportunity to earn up to 5%* total commission on home sales. Your first home sale earns you 3% total commission and your second home sales earns you 4% total commission. Each sale after that for the remainder of the year earns you 5% total commission! It's our way of saying thank you for helping our mutual clients realize their dreams. Please see a Community Sales Manager for more information. 


* Normandy Homes 3/4/5 Program (the "Program")

All Tiered Commissions (herein so called) shall be earned and paid at (and only in the event of) the closing (each, a "Closing") of the sale of a home (each, a "Residence") under a Standard Form Land and Building Contract (each, a "Contract") entered into during the Term (as herein defined) by and between Normandy Homes (as "Seller") and a homebuyer (each, a "Purchaser"), listing the designated licensed real estate agent as the "Agent" therein.  The Program shall apply to any sale by the same Agent under a Contract executed on or after April 1, 2019 (the "Commencement Date") through December 31, 2019 (the "Termination Date"), with such period being referred to herein as the "Term".  For clarification, if the Contract is executed during the Term but closes after the Termination Date, the higher commission rate (as applicable) will be paid.

Per the terms of the Contract, Agent will be paid the customary 3% commission at the Closing of a sale under a Contract for one of Seller's Residences that lists Agent as Purchaser's realtor.  Under the Program, the Agent shall also be paid an Tiered Commission in the amount of (i) an additional 1% (for an aggregate total of a 4% commission), at the Closing of a second sale under a Contract for one of Seller's Residences that lists Agent as Purchaser's licensed real estate agent during the Term and (ii) an additional 2% (for an aggregate total of a 5% commission), at the Closing of the third sale (and any subsequent sales) under a Contract of one of Seller's Residences that lists Agent as Purchaser's realtor during the Term.


Notwithstanding the foregoing, the following terms and conditions apply to all sales by Agent under the Program:

  • Only licensed realtors in the Dallas/Fort Worth area are eligible to participate in the Program and be paid Tiered Commissions.
  • The realtor must accompany the Purchaser on initial visit to the Normandy Homes Residence and register the Purchaser at their first visit to a Normandy Homes sales office for the sale of a Residence to count towards the number of Agent's Closings under the Program.
  • The Tiered Commission shall be calculated and paid based on the Total Purchase Price per the Contract.
  • Tiered Commissions shall only be paid by Normandy Homes to the Broker for disbursement to the Agent.
  • Only one individual Agent will be recognized per Closing. No "team sales" are allowed to participate in the Program. 
  • Normandy Homes, in its sole discretion, shall determine the eligibility of a Closing for payment of Tiered Commissions.
  • Normandy Homes reserves the right to modify, terminate or cancel the Program at any time.