Green Brick

As a subsidiary of Green Brick Partners, Normandy Homes combines our local building expertise in the DFW area with the strong financial resources of a national, diversified homebuilding and land development company.

Green Brick Partners, Inc. is listed on the NYSE Capital Market under the ticker symbol “GRBK”. The Company acquires and develops land, and provides land and construction financing to its subsidiary homebuilders. Green Brick’s business model is founded on the belief that locally-focused land development is the starting point for a builder’s profitability and that both homebuilding and land development are best executed on a local decentralized basis.

While all construction decisions are made solely by Normandy Homes, our position as a subsidiary of Green Brick Partners allows us to access Green Brick’s centralized state of the art operational support in IT systems, accounting, operational systems, national purchasing, marketing analytics, and human resource management. Additionally, Green Brick’s mortgage and title operations make buying a home a seamless experience and provide real-time visibility into its buyers.

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Join our Team

As a Green Brick Partner company, Normandy Homes is one of the fastest growing homebuilders in Texas! We are always looking for talented individuals interested in joining our team.

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