Yours, by Design: Effortless Storage Solutions in Normandy Homes

Families who are running between baseball practices, dance recitals, and school concerts need a home that helps alleviate the hustle of a full schedule — and that includes plenty of storage space. Normandy Homes meets that need with features to help busy families stay organized.

“Thoughtful designs make it easy for families on the go,” said Christina Wilcocks, Normandy Homes’ Director of Design.

While some new home buyers are selecting an additional powder room to replace storage closets in Normandy’s new floorplans, generous storage space abounds in standard Normandy home layouts. Plus, you won’t miss the extra closet space even if you opt for an additional powder bathroom in the Orleans or Toulouse plans coming soon in Painted Tree.

Discover ways below to make the most of your home’s storage areas so you can focus on building lasting memories.

Establish a Plan

“Proper storage is about creating a home for something so that minimal effort is required to find it and put it away,” author Geralin Thomas writes in Decluttering Your Home: Tips, Techniques and Trade Secrets.

To create good habits and get family buy-in, use spaces that make the most sense. For example, you don’t want in-season sports equipment upstairs if your teen needs to grab it quickly for game time. You may want a designated drawer for chargers in the kitchen, not the mudroom area. 

Other options include a bin and hook for each family member in the mudroom area for daily items like shoes, bookbags, purses, and more. Show everyone in the family where things go, then get everyone on board to make busy mornings go more smoothly.

Use Creative Storage Spaces

Some Normandy floorplans, such as the Grande, offer options for hobby rooms with optional cabinet configurations that offer storage for gift bags and wrapping paper, craft items, seasonal decor, and more. Laundry rooms can include spacious cabinets for storing cleaning items or sports gear. Other floorplans, like the Oak, include an optional mudroom or dropzone area. These catch-all spots help minimize the trail of items coming into the kitchen or family room. Peruse our ideas for organizing those areas at Creating an Ultimate Mudroom

“At Normandy Homes, we try to utilize forgotten spaces, like under the staircase,” said Wilcocks, such as the Paris and Juliet floorplans. Under the stairs, homeowners can create a cute kids’ play area, a sweet dog retreat, or covered space to tuck away seasonal items. There, you have easy access to throw pillows, wall hangings, and floral arrangements that you rotate out when the weather changes.

Organize the Garage

The garage is the last stop out of and the first stop into the house, making it a great area to stop clutter in its tracks and contain it in a common-sense way. From custom cabinets to moveable shelving units, many after-market storage solutions exist. Read up on ideas in Normandy’s previous blog post, Garage Organization Tips.

Creating a mudroom area in the garage is also an easy, affordable way to organize, says Wilcocks. You can create a simple area with a bench, shoe rack, and hooks on the wall. Or you can purchase a cubby or locker system as elaborate as you need for your family. Google “DIY garage mudrooms” and let your imagination run wild! 
Several Normandy Homes’ floorplans include 2.5- or 3-car garages or a tandem space with room for storage (like numerous floorplans at Estates at Shaddock Park and South Haven). These are great for active families who need space for a teen’s car, tools, bikes, sports equipment, bulky water toys for the yard, and more.

Utilize Storage Wisely

Over the years, homes have adapted in both size and functional space. Large kitchen pantries are an expected feature in most new construction homes, and Normandy Homes is no exception. Generous walk-in pantries allow families plenty of space to buy in bulk, whether it’s paper towels, non-perishable foods, or an impressive cereal selection. 

Additionally, modern bathrooms offer more storage than the tiny linen closet of the past, and Normandy offers drawer options for vanities and additional storage cabinets in some homes. Large walk-in closets help each member of the family have a place to keep things both tidy and accessible.

With Normandy Homes’ many options for storage, families can create a home that flows effortlessly and intentionally. Discover a Normandy community just right for your busy family.